Frontier Geosciences Inc. was established in 1987 to offer comprehensive geophysical consulting and survey services to the geotechnical engineering, groundwater, environmental, and mineral exploration communities. The company staff have completed over fourteen hundred projects in diverse climates and terrains. These investigations involved the application of methods drawn from the full range of terrestrial and marine geophysical techniques that include 2D and 3D seismic reflection, seismic refraction, acoustic profiling, electromagnetic induction and resistivity imaging, Induced Polarisation, seismic and EM tomography, ground penetrating radar, potential field and borehole methods, including acoustic and optical televiewer.

Surveys have been carried out for mineralisation mapping, delineation of buried surfaces, rock mass classification, detection of buried metals, mapping of soil and rock types, groundwater detection and contaminants mapping, permafrost delineation, seepage conditions, void detection, physical properties, structural mapping and ore body delineation. Marine investigations include bathymetric surveys, acoustic sub-bottom profile surveys, overwater refraction surveys and side and sector scan sonar investigations.

Clients include mining companies, geotechnical and groundwater consultants, civil engineering firms, environmental companies, mining companies, provincial and federal governments and agencies, consulting geologists, construction companies, public utilities, pipeline companies, drilling contractors and oil companies.

Founders of the company are Russell Hillman, P.Eng., and Cliff Candy, P.Geo. Mr. Hillman has over 43 years of experience and Mr. Candy has over 38 years of experience in the application of geophysical methods to high resolution mapping of mineralisation and for engineering, groundwater, marine and environmental applications. Strategic alliances and partnerships, locally, and in the USA, provide increased geographic reach, and expertise in allied fields.

The company maintains an active program of research and development. Current high speed multi-channel data acquisition technologies have been employed in the development of overwater marine seismic reflection instrumentation, borehole seismic systems, crosshole seismic and electromagnetic systems, full waveform array resistivity and IP and in several specialised non-destructive testing and infrastructure evaluation and monitoring systems.

We strive to safely and efficiently meet all your geophysical needs.